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Mission & Culture

UserEvidence is the only platform purpose-built to unlock customer love at scale. Credibility and noise are huge issues in B2B marketing and sales. We believe companies can sell a lot more when they let their customers do the talking, and show real-life evidence and feedback from their users.

While we are a fast growing tech startup ($250k→$1M last year, our 2nd in existence - aiming to get to $10M in the next 2 years), we want this to be a company that enables a fulfilling and stable lifestyle for our employees.  We have a real opportunity to get to $100M/yr+ in recurring revenue within 4-6 years and see a large exit, but we’re going to do so in a smart and sane way, that is financially prudent and ensures that any exit substantially benefits all employees rather than simply founders and investors. We’ve raised money from great investors including Crosslink, Founders Collective, GTMFund, Next Frontier Capital, Teamworthy, and FirstMile Ventures.

We want everyone to have a good work-life balance - there will of course be (a lot of) times where we’re grinding, but we want to enjoy the journey, not only the destination.  Remote work and hybrid flexibility will be key, and we will also bring together our team in Jackson Hole (or other cool locations) once a year.

Our culture is one that prioritizes creativity, honest and open communication, transparency, smart risk-taking, humility, and growth.

We strive to employ the latest mature software development philosophies and best practices in an effort to keep our work challenging but fun.

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Who We’re Looking For

A good natured, technically adept, full stack developer with demonstrated experience in a Ruby on Rails and modern JS environment.